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Cabo de Hornos: OUR TEAM

FICAMS is organized bya multidisciplinary team, fascinated with the place we inhabit: planet Earth. To respect, to recognize, to reflect and to protect our planet is essential to FICAMS’ spirit.  Hoping to create awareness in the local, national and international community concerning the Antarctic relevance and the positive outcomes that bring us leaving in harmony with our environment. We wish to promote learning, dialogue and training instances related to environmental issues such as climate change, renewable energy and sustainable practices. We aim to motivate a way of understanding and inhabiting this planet avoiding and preventing abuse, promoting a healthful relationship with our environment that generates reflection regarding our behaviour with our environment.


EVENT AND REPLICAS From 16nd to 19th of august 2017

The main event, the competition, will take place middle of august 2017 at the Pavilion Cinema in the city of Punta Arenas, and the replicas, consisting on the exhibition of the best collected pieces, end of august of 2017 in Cape Horn.

Punta Arenas is a city located on the shores of the Strait of Magellan, in the southern extreme of continental Chile, at the border between the Patagonian steppe and the rainy forests. Also its stands as one of the five gateways to the Antarctic, body of water, that presents a great and flagship marine biodiversity such as humpback whale, elephants seals, King penguins, Magellan penguins and Southern Rock hopper Penguins. Ocean wonderers colony, three types of dolphins, killer whales and other species that inhabit its water and coasts.


Punta Arenas is the spot where the main event of the Festival occurs as well as many other activities along the year such as the one in schools and community based organizations.


The Commune of Cape Horn with Puerto Williams as its capital is located in the south coast of the Beagle Canal, in the Navarino Island at the southern extreme of the American continent and corresponds to a World Biosphere Reserve, as it beholds the status of being on of the most pristine territories on planet Earth. Puerto Williams has around 1600 inhabitants. This land hostes the Cape Horn National Park.


Among its touristic attractions we may find a rocky mountain formation named as “Dientes de Navarino”. Puerto Williams is the city town most closely located to Antarctic in the whole planet and it also corresponds to its capital. The Yagan people, a nomadic and canoeing ethnic group, navigated its waters, which were seasoned experts navigators. Nowadays these people inhabits mainly in Puerto Williams.


Since the beginning FICAMS has performed its main replica in Puerto William, at the Anthropological Museum Martin Gusinde.


Punta Arenas:
How to participate? Registration Jury

The Festival is competitive, pieces of diverse genre, duration and technique, compete in the same category, whether short films, medium-length film and full-length – films, as well as animated movies, fiction films or documentaries in their diverse genres.



In order to participate in the current version of FICAMS, people, social groups, and film production companies, of any country or other people of the world, no matter their ethnic background or nationality, may subscribe in the following application form from the 1st of June until the  30th of June 2017.

The selection of the winning film will be in charge of a jury composed by three people with strong expertise in the environmental, scientific and cinematographic areas.

FICAMS, Antarctica’s International Film Festival about Environment and Sustainability is a competitive festival that gives and teaches community members, through films, diverse views related to our habitat and culture. General themes of the audio-visual pieces are base on the environment, nature, sustainability, climate change, recycling, and renewable energy sources.


Audio-visual production are exhibited and discussion panels are held during the festival, hence promoting debate around socio - environmental realities from different places of the world, allowing us to learn about problems but also strategic solutions in tight relation to our local reality.


FICAMS as an eye opener experience enriches us with a southern hemisphere perspective, redefining the means by which we should contemplate our planet, reminding us that a sphere has multiple viewpoints, where geographical cardinality loses all meaning. Alliances with other curators/proponents/cultivators are seek in order to present audio-visual pieces related to environmental education and biodiversity in an associatively manner.



Camila díaz Image and Design
diego garcía Communications and production assistant
Nicolás recabarren Programmer and management
Isolina guaiquil Communications Cristian VALLE LEONARDO navarro yXIA mendoza Direction, programming and executive production Projection manager Research and production
Macarena fernández programming
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